MBA (Master of Business Administration)

MBA Online and BlendedUK University MBA Programme offered by Magna Carta College

Delivered through Online (“Blended Learning”).

An MBA can help you in your career progression and ultimately increase your chances of being appointed for management or senior level positions. It can add and develop essential skills such as leadership and strategic thinking to your portfolio, aspirations and goals.

BA in Business Studies

BA in Business StudeisDelivered Online – powerful, engaging and interactive.

This course provides an in-depth knowledge to prepare you for the role of a manager and demonstrates ways to apply the learning outcomes in the real world. All course modules have an international orientation to reflect the growing globalisation of business.

Foundation Course (Level 3), Including Business English

The Foundation course is composed of 4 academic modules plus a Business English module. The academic modules are:

Business organisations
Business research
The business environment
Interpersonal and management skills

The fee level with be £3000 for a six months course.

Business English will vary according to the student’s needs level. On average the fee will be £600, but each student will be offered a language assessment to determine the level of tuition needed. Those with a low level of English should expect to pay between £600 – £1200.

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“With highly qualified staff, traditional facilities within Oxford and personalised service, you could not be in better or safer hands in terms of fulfilling your educational aspirations and goals. Most of our programmes are online and blended; you can achieve the best balance of digital and face to face learning without having to give up your job”.

Professor David Faulkner

Dean Magna Carta College Oxford (MCC)

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£250 Referral Scheme

We know that personal recommendations are the most powerful and trusted endorsement, and so we offer £250 to any of our alumni, students or network whose recommendations lead to a student enrolling our a program, once your friend has joined the programme and paid all fees.