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Embarking on an MBA is a big commitment that can make a big difference to your life. Don’t be put off and don’t put it off.

If you qualify to get on the MBA or BA you have already demonstrated qualities you need to complete the course of your choice.

You can take the first steps towards an MBA or BA, taking modules one step at a time to

  • establish your academic confidence
  • build experience working online
  • meet other students in the online community
  • find out how it fits in with your work
  • test out juggling family and life with study

After one or two modules you can switch to the complete programme and what we charge will take account of fees already paid.

  • Most of our MCC students are studying while in work.
  • They want a better business understanding to get on in their industry or apply for promotion.
  • They want a flexible course that can fit around when they can study and the demands of their work – even if they have to move across the country or the world for a new project.
  • We have built a flexible online course that earns you the highest standard of degree and MBA.
  • We have built a course that can be taken module by module.
  • We have built a course that can be taken 100% online.
  • We have study centres and options to do intense study in Oxford or London.
  • You make a commitment to us and we make a commitment to you.

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