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This online BA course provides an in-depth knowledge directly relevant to the role of the manager in today’s business world and demonstrates ways in which to apply this knowledge with strong emphasis on developing your employability. All course modules have an international orientation to reflect the growing globalisation of business.

Mode of Delivery

The course is online with blended content of tutor contact and an annual two week residential in UK which eliminates the often claimed loneliness of purely online study.

How is this course assessed?

The course is assessed through offline assignments, marked by MCC.

How much are the fees?

For information on fee and available funding options, please visit “Student Finance” page.

Course Structure – ‘Top up Degree Completion’

This three-year course is a complete bachelor’s degree with two-year online study of Pearson BTEC HND Level 4 and 5 using tutor supported self-learning methodology at MCC Oxford and the final third year at an UK University.

What is Included?
  • BTEC Level 4 and 5 qualification HNC and HND in Business
  • Top-up at an UK University
  • Access to MCC’s network of academics for ongoing support and consultation
  • 24/7 access to online platform, study material, live and recorded lectures
  • One on One consultation with subject matter experts and your personal advisor
Typical Modules include:
BTEC level4/5 (240 credits) modules
  • Unit 1 Business Environment
  • Unit 2 Managing Financial Resources and Decisions
  • Unit 3 Organisations and Behaviour
  • Unit 4 Marketing principles
  • Unit 5 Aspects of Contract and Negligence for Business
  • Unit 6 Business Decision Making
  • Unit 7 Business Strategy
  • Unit 8 Research Project
  • Unit 9 Management Accounting: Costing and Budgeting
  • Unit 10 Financial Accounting and Reporting
  • Unit 11 Financial Systems and Auditing
  • Unit 12 Taxation
  • Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development
  • Unit 14 Working with and Leading People
  • Unit 15 Managing Business Activities to Achieve Results
  • Unit 16 Managing Communications, Knowledge and Information
  • Unit 17 Marketing Intelligence
  • Unit 18 Advertising and Promotion in Business
  • Unit 19 Marketing Planning
  • Unit 20 Sales Planning and Operations
  • Unit 21 Human Resource Management
  • Unit 22 Managing Human Resources
  • Unit 23 Human Resources Development
  • Unit 24 Employee Relations

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