Magna Carta College is at the forefront of open online learning. As the world of higher education comes to terms with new technologies we are seeing the initial experiments with MOOCs struggle to demonstrate completion rates. Interactive blended learning emerges as the most effective model. In response to all the rising challenges and to enhance student experience, we are continuously working and investing in new technologies.

One to One Tutor

At Magna Carta College, each student is connected with a Personal Tutor at the commencement of their studies, who remains with them until graduation. The Personal Tutor acts as a support system throughout their studies by serving as the individual point of contact at the school. They will be happy to answer any questions the student may have, offer academic and professional advice and offer encouragement throughout the students’ studies. The Personal Tutor also helps to minimize students’ challenges and guide them throughout their academic journey.

Studying Online

Modern technology enables working students to study flexibly at their own pace. If you can watch premiership football or BBC News on your phone or computer you have all the technology you need. Magna Carta College materials, lectures and classes can be accessed on internet enabled mobile devices phones, iPads, tablets and all main computer systems from anywhere in the world. The courses and classes are available both live and then on demand. You can work through the material at your own pace or as work and home life allow. You can study anywhere anytime with internet access. You will join the new wave of students who study and learn from one another as well as from tutors. You will have the new experience of combining study with the ideal work experience placement – your work.

This is not a full-time MBA
This is not a part-time MBA
This is a My Time MBA

Modern Education and Quality Assurance

Our courses are taught by leaders in the field drawn from universities across the UK and industry experts. The Dean of the school is Professor David Faulkner. He is Emeritus Professor of Strategy at Royal Holloway and University of London, formerly Visiting Research Professor at The Open University. Until 2003 he was an Official Student (Fellow) of Christ Church Oxford and Deputy Director of Oxford Said Business School, Director of the MBA programme for Oxford University, Director of Undergraduate Programmes, Chief Examiner for the MBA, Chairman of the Graduate Studies Committee, and Chairman of the Faculty of Management.

A Global Community of Skilled People

Our online platform allows our students to participate in discussions with fellow students, teachers and industry experts from all over the world.

Enhancing student experience

We are continuously working on enhancing study experience of our students.

MCC Student Experience

Join our vibrant community of ambitious individuals.

MCC has built a global network of skilled professionals from various type of industries.

Vibrant Community at MCC