New year, new future: Global Business School, Oxford Returns to Its Roots – Magna Carta College

For many people, companies and colleges the new year means carrying on as before, only with a resolution to do better. For GBS Oxford it meant something more than that. On 21st December, we signed an agreement with London Metropolitan University (LMU) to offer a brand new MBA, for students worldwide, through online and blended learning.

Academic reputation and heritage is of course essential in education. We have decided to return the school to the name Magna Carta, the college in Oxford we established in 2008. Our academic pedigree and alumni network reflected the high esteem in which the college was held, and we have often regretted allowing foreign investors to acquire ownership of Magna Carta in 2012, which they subsequently dissolved in 2016.

We have now secured the rights to the name, and we believe that it is time to relaunch the school, and once again bring the teaching excellence and experience of Magna Carta to a global community of students.

The current Magna Carta College was created on the 24 Jan 2017 as a change of name from The Global Business School Oxford

  • Any comments negative or otherwise regarding Magna Carta College that refer to activity between 2012 and 2017 refer to a totally different enterprise, with which the current owners and staff have and had no connection whatsoever.
  • The original Magna Carta College (2008 to 2012) had a very high reputation, and its new incarnation (post Jan 2017) is rebuilding this reputation in the online sector, where higher education activity does not require visas.

We hope that you will join us in celebrating this auspicious start to 2017, whether as one of our Magna Carta alumni, stakeholders, or as one of our new intake of MBA students. To you all, I wish you a very happy and successful 2017.

Professor David Faulkner

Dean Magna Carta College

Oxford’s Independent Business School

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