Chief Operating Officer, David Gautrey, recently joined the school from Oxford Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford. Here he explains his vision for the school.


“My career has spanned government, corporate and academic worlds, and the key common feature between them is the critical importance of attracting, training and developing talented men and women, from all over the world, to ensure that their personal growth enhances the organisations they work for and the societies in which they live. Sadly, this is not something that many organisations prioritise, and the consequences of this range from avoidable and repeated problems to catastrophes. Poor judgement, inexperience and lack of leadership have proven too common in large organisations, and unsure of how to adapt and entrenched in silo cultures, they struggle to survive and, as a consequence, lose their best people.

The solution may be obvious, but whether it’s reluctance, indifference or ignorance, most organisations are not embracing it. The solution? Education. It is not a coincidence that the phrase “knowledge is power” is quoted so often. Education is essential, and what I’ve observed in recent years is that there are unnecessary barriers to accessing education by a globally diverse and talented generation of students, all of whom are keen to learn and with an enormous amount to give to the world. I quickly realised that Magna Carta also shared their frustration at the challenges and that our vision could overcome these barriers, and do it in a way and with a sense of urgency that one doesn’t find in large academic institutions.

I want our online MBA programme to be one which any student in any part of the world feels that can enrol for, have access to our resources and experience, and connect virtually with our faculty and with their fellow students. The faculty and our network of associate fellows all believe that we have a part to play in helping our students change the world, and with teaching experience from the top ranked universities around the world, including at Oxford and Cambridge, we offer a unique capability that would normally command a ten-fold fee. We appreciate that global incomes vary enormously and so we help students by offering payment plans. The next stage is to work with organisations and governments to provide sponsored places and full scholarships. There should be no barriers to their success.

We are also strengthening our Executive Education capability to ensure that the transformation we contribute to in the individuals on the MBA programme can also be mirrored directly into organisations, whether on an open enrolment programme or a programme designed in partnership with an organisation, focused on their specific needs and challenges.

Our mission is to revolutionise access to education, to be part of the life-changing journeys that our students embark on, and to help improve the internal thinking of organisations and therefore the external impact they have on business and society.

This is our vision, you are our mission. We hope you will join us.”

David Gautrey