Our Affordable Program Fees

Payment plan available






Including annual registration/administration fee (non-refundable)

MBA Online Magna Carta College – UK University £4,950 ¹ (*option to upgrade to Blended available at any time)
MBA Online (Blended) with Online Tutorials Magna Carta College – UK University £5,950.00 ¹
MBA Online (Blended) with Online Tutorials AND Oxford Summer Residential Program* Magna Carta College – UK University £6,950.00 ¹

*(excluding accommodation)

MBA Online Top-up (60 credits) Magna Carta College – UK University £3,500.00 ¹
BA Top up (One year program) Contact info@magnacartacollege.ac.uk £5,000.00 ¹
BTEC Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership (120 credits) Pearson or EduQual £6,500.00 ¹
Foundation Course (EduQual Advanced Diploma Programme Level 3) with Business English – 6 month course Magna Carta College/EduQual Foundation Course – from £3,600.00* ¹
EduQual Level 4 (BA 1st year) Magna Carta College £5,000.00 ¹
EduQual Level 5 (BA 2nd year) Magna Carta College £5,000.00 ¹

Installments and Payment Plans – Spread the cost of learning

MCC has an instalment payment plan available to spread the payments and make our courses affordable to ambitious individuals and companies.

Pay As You Go – Build your experience of online learning

You can take the first steps towards an MBA or BA degree by taking modules one step at a time to establish your confidence, experience working online. Fee levels for pay as you go are shown in the table above. After one or two modules you can switch to the complete programme, taking account of fees already paid.


Leaving a course early does not remove the liability for the full year’s tuition fees. Once you have enrolled, all of your fee is due. Please note any reduction of tuition fees is at the discretion of the Academic Registrar or their appointed nominee. It is extremely unlikely that a full waiver of fees will be agreed even for a student who leaves at the very beginning of the academic year.

¹ Fees are exclusive of VAT – the prevailing rate in the UK is 20%. VAT will be charged to students in the UK.