What is an Executive Education programme?

A learning intervention, either open-enrolment, or designed in partnership with you, the client, providing the skills, knowledge and insight to leaders to enable them to open up thinking and close in on execution

It combines both the best Oxbridge faculty with the latest teaching and insights

It also draws on the knowledge of individual and organisational transformation we have gained throughout our careers – the opening of minds and transformation in the thinking of the individual, of their roles, their performance within their peer groups, and within the organisations they represent

Our rich learning pedigree underpins our capability: we have an outstanding track record in leadership development for all levels of manager, from a company’s senior executives to developing managers for clients in the private, public and governmental sectors, and a team of practice-based faculty dedicated to excellence in executive education. This means immediately relevant and transformational impact.

Increasingly, our clients are seeing programmes as a means of bringing about change and performance improvement, rather than simply enhancing knowledge and skills.

The fundamental questions that we ask ourselves:

  • What could we at Magna Carta College offer and deliver that would be different, unique, challenging, relevant and invaluable to both the individual, their organisation and society?
  • How can we help you address the leadership and transformational needs of the participants in a VUCA world?
  • What would our programme do that would make a sustained, significant difference?

What difference does it make?

Programmes resulting from a deep understanding of the client and designed in partnership with them, to ensure their executive talent returns to the organisation better informed, more capable, and inspired to achieve their personal and organisation’s objectives.

An organisation that not only leads the field now, but is re-energised and clear on how it can stay ahead of the competition in the future.

Global perspectives, global mindsets, global leaders

"It’s more than learning, it's about transformation "

Executive Education at Magna Carta College draws on our experience of programme design and teaching at top universities around the world, and our executive development courses inspire individuals as well as create significant business impact that enables true leadership and transformational thinking. With a niche portfolio of future-facing open-enrollment and customised/tailored programmes we build deep partnerships with our international clients, and we work closely with them to help develop, energise and support their learning and performance not only at an individual but also at an organisational level. Our experience has shown that by combining opportunities for personal interaction and peer-to-peer learning before, during and after a programme, that participants, who are typically senior executives from diverse industry backgrounds all across the globe, collectively bring with them key strategic questions and insights which they share with peers and faculty at different stages of their learning and programmes.

Our approach to meeting your needs

We believe for a programme to be successful that it must be challenging; it must inspire, stretch and stimulate. Our programmes are not simply designed to provide information or offer easy answers. Instead participants are encouraged to question standard management principles and ways of thinking, to broaden their perspectives, and in turn to understand and know how to address their own challenges and maximise their capabilities. Programme designs include a variety of teaching styles, faculty, activities and experiences to capitalise on personal interaction, discussion and debate. We combine traditional and non-traditional learning exercises such as lectures, action learning and roll-playing, and can also include explore participants’ personal responses to and the impact of the arts. Our programmes can be delivered anywhere in the world, and naturally in both traditional as well state of the art facilities at the University of Oxford, where participants benefit from the university and city’s rich heritage, culture and traditions.

Combining world-class academic insights with practical knowledge

Our programmes are designed to ensure that academic theory combines with the extensive experience of our practitioners. Our faculty ensure that the local as well as the global contexts come to life in the programmes, and nurture continuous discussion and debate about the key issues and challenges of business, while our expert practitioners ensure that theory is enhanced with practical business ideas and solutions.

Personal interaction and peer to peer learning – an experience to remember, an impact to lead change

We know that participants arrive on a programme as individuals but leave as part of a new community, one which actively and mutually supports and encourages and develops relationships which last lifetimes. Participants’ experiences on our programmes, wherever they are delivered, form the basis of life-changing journeys that participants embark on, and through a reshaping and development of their individual approaches, help improve the internal thinking of organisations and therefore the external impact they have on business and society.